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Am Donnerstag, den 30.07.2015, 10:14 +0000 schrieb Simon Peyton Jones:
> |  (I always have to look up the documentation for these, just a
> |  suggestion but maybe it would be better to call them INLINEAFTER[n]
> |  and INLINEBEFORE[n], or something?)
> Maybe.  But NOINLINE[n] means "do not inline until phase n; and you 
> are free to do what you like thereafter"  So it would have to be 
> NOINLINEUNTIL[n].  But yes, that'd be quite do-able.

I support that suggestion, as I also always have to look it up as well,
and things like NONLINE[~n] are really non-self-explanatory.

Although "NOINLINEUNTIL[n]" is (to me, non-native-speaker) not as clear
as it could be about what happens in phase n; the same with

How about this, using “from” and “before”, which (to me) make it
clearer what happens at n:

INLINE[n]    becomes INLINEFROM[n]
INLINE[~n]   becomes INLINEBEFORE[n]

BTW, the docs say about NOINLINE “You shouldn't ever need to do this,
unless you're very cautious about code size.” – should this also
mention that NOINLINE are often necessary with RULES?


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