Deleting sync-all

Páli Gábor János pali.gabor at
Sun Jul 26 18:36:47 UTC 2015

Hi Thomas,

2015-07-21 12:45 GMT+02:00 Thomas Miedema <thomasmiedema at>:
> To get the sources:
>    git clone --recursive git://
>    cd ghc
>    git clone git:// # Windows only

Apparently, that last line is also needed even on non-Windows systems
when one wants to make the "sdist" target, at least as I have observed
on my builders, e.g. [1].

So I have put together a small patch that aims to fix this -- mind
you, I have not tested it on Windows, but theoretically it shall just

--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -1183,9 +1183,14 @@ sdist-windows-tarballs: sdist-windows-tarballs-prep
 sdist-testsuite: sdist-testsuite-prep
        cd $(SRC_DIST_TESTSUITE_ROOT)        && "$(TAR_CMD)" chf -
$(SRC_DIST_BASE_NAME) 2> testsuite_log             | $(TAR_COMP_CMD)

+SDIST_TARGETS= sdist-ghc sdist-testsuite
+ifeq "$(Windows_Host)" "YES"
+SDIST_TARGETS+= sdist-windows-tarballs

 .PHONY: sdist
-sdist : sdist-ghc sdist-windows-tarballs sdist-testsuite
+sdist : $(SDIST_TARGETS)

 sdist-manifest : $(SRC_DIST_GHC_TARBALL)
        tar tjf $(SRC_DIST_GHC_TARBALL) | sed
"s|^ghc-$(ProjectVersion)/||" | sort >sdist-manifest
diff --git a/utils/haddock b/utils/haddock

Are there any objections to commit this?



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