build system question build-prog and bindisttest

Tamar Christina lonetiger at
Sun Jul 19 14:46:13 UTC 2015

Hi All,

In my I have declared:

$(eval $(call build-prog,driver/ghc-split,dist,0))
$(eval $(call bindist,driver/ghc-split,

compilation is fine but during testing I get this error:

===--- building final phase
Bad GHC version '7.8.3' for 'bindisttest/a/b/c/ghc-7.11.20150719/bin/ghc-split.exe'
bindisttest/ recipe for target 'test_bindist' failed

I assume this is because I tell it to build ghc-split at stage 0, so it's using the bootstrapping compiler which in my case is 7.8.3.
Now it's perfectly fine to build this at stage 1 or 2, but when I change it to either of those building fails telling me that
ghc-stage1 or ghc-stage2 cannot be found...

Could the dependency check me wrong? How do I go about fixing this?


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