How to stop the thread from yielding per 20ms?

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Fri Jul 10 22:47:42 UTC 2015

Hi Zhen,

Although you might be resolved, there are some information.

In your example code, threads are waiting a MVar for each IO(print).
(thread switch by self yield rather than timer-based(preemptive)

Maybe, these information would be helpful.

    Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell
    Chapter 7. Basic Concurrency: Threads and MVars

    The GHC scheduler

    Runtime Support for Multicore Haskell

    Extending the Haskell Foreign Function Interface with Concurrency

And, ThreadScope and eventlog are here.

    Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell
    15. Debugging, Tuning, and Interfacing with Foreign Code
    Event Logging and ThreadScope


So, few image.


2015-07-05 14:10 GMT+09:00 Zhen Zhang <izgzhen at>:

> Hi Ryan,
> Thank for your help. But it turned out to be not working for me. I even
> commented out the `startTimer` and `stopTimer` in `rts/Timer.c`, but it
> seems not working as well.
> For example. this program:
> main = do
> forkIO $ forever $ print “a”
> forkIO $ forever $ print “b”
> threadDelay 100000
> When I added the `-threaded`, it will schedule normally, despite whether I
> commented out some code or add `-V0`. When I dropped  `-threaded`, the
> `timerManager` stopped working as well, so it doesn’t make sense to me. Bad
> luck, but thank you all the way.
> Zhen
> --
> Zhen Zhang
> USTC, China
> On July 4, 2015 at 10:08:44 PM, Ryan Yates (fryguybob at wrote:
> Hi Zhen,
> The RTS flag -V sets the tick interval (setting to 0 disables).  If you
> grep for `RtsFlags.MiscFlags.tickInterval` you can find where it gets
> used.  Hope this helps.
> Ryan
> On Sat, Jul 4, 2015 at 6:25 AM, Zhen Zhang <izgzhen at> wrote:
>>  Hi,
>>  I am trying to stop the GHC thread scheduler from atomically do
>> round-robin scheduling. It might be strange that I am asking for that, in
>> fact, my intention is to implement the “Lightweight Concurrency” on top of
>> current RTS system. I am trying to use `GHC.Event`’s timeout mechanism to
>> interfere with the scheduling behavior and it seems working a bit. But the
>> automatic scheduling at the same time by RTS renders this effort invalid.
>>  For this part, I have tried to modify `rts/Scheduler.c`, masked some
>> `startTimer` in `schedule()`, change the `appendToQueue` to `pushOnQueue`
>> in `scheduleHandleYield` but nothing really works. (The GHC is still doing
>> RR scheduling, even I changed some key code I thought)
>>  So I am curious if anyone familiar with the RTS could give me some
>> suggestions on this problem.
>> Thanks a lot!
>> Zhen
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