GHC Type Inference

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Mon Feb 23 22:53:29 UTC 2015


For type-level literals, the man to talk to is Iavor Diatchki.  He implemented the current system, and has been working on enhancements.  I'm sure he'd welcome help!

There's also quite an active sub-group (on ghc-devs) working on "plug-ins" for the type inference algorithm, aimed at allowing things like better arithmetic reasoning to be done without having to change GHC itself. 


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| Dear Simon,
| I am cc-ing _ghc-devs at haskell.org_ as requested on _ghc.haskell.org_.
| I hope you're fine.
| On _ghc.haskell.org_ I noticed you are the ``owner'' of _type
| inference and interface files._
| A year ago I started a project that requires integer type-level
| literals but I soon had to drop it because GHC wasn't able to
| simplify simple type equalities. As a consequence, I had to
| add lots and lots of constraints to make my code work, which
| effectively meant the code became unmaintainable because a small
| change requlted in lots of errors.
| I know have a bit more time to work on the project and I'd like
| to see if it's possible to ``talk'' to somebody in the GHC team
| to see if we can improve type-level literal inference for natural
| numbers.
| Is there somebody who's ``responsible'' for this area in the GHC
| team? If yes, would you mind giving me their contact details?
| Regards,
| Marc van Dongen

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