Resolving Windows 64-bit linker issues

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Mon Feb 16 14:43:01 UTC 2015


Excellent!  We have a Windows Task Force, consisting roughly of the folk in cc.  So they would be the first group to ask.

(I think it would be very helpful to have a Windows Task Force home page, so that it’s easier to find the group.)

thanks for helping with Windows.


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Subject: Resolving Windows 64-bit linker issues

Hi all,

I notice there are a series of related long-standing issues subject to particular cygwin64 quirks, and I'd like to offer time to help resolve these if possible
At this point I've had some exposure to the GHC build process (7.8.3), and have poked around the GHC linker to gain some low level insight.

Would anyone be available to fill me in on the current state of affairs with mingw64 GHCi linking? For instance, is there ongoing work, or perhaps a preferred direction but no available developer bandwidth to proceed?

Thank you.


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