Performance of pattern checker on OptCoercions

Richard Eisenberg eir at
Thu Dec 17 18:37:03 UTC 2015

On Dec 17, 2015, at 1:31 PM, George Karachalias <george.karachalias at> wrote:
> My single last concern is what I wrote earlier: "Flags 2 and 3 are a bit tricky: Actual bailing
> will uglify the code and make it much more complicated so I would prefer in practice to just
> check up front with a good metric whether the possibility to be non-performant is high and in
> these cases just not call the checker at all."
> If we agree on this one, I am gonna wrap it up in the next 2 days. :-)

I'm quite happy with this. My thought is that if it's a bit wrong, that's OK -- we'll refine the settings over time.


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