question about coercions between primitive types in STG level

Ben Gamari ben at
Thu Dec 17 17:52:43 UTC 2015

Simon Marlow <marlowsd at> writes:

> I'm not sure what you did to get to this point, but let me elaborate on 
> what I think is needed:
> - Add primops for the conversions
> - Add appropriate MachOps for the conversions (F32 -> I32, F64 -> I64)
> - Make sure the primops get compiled into the appropriate MachOps (see 
> StgCmmPrim)
> - Implement those MachOps in the native code generator (X86/CodeGen.hs). 
>   For this part you'll need to figure out what the appropriate 
> x86/x86_64 instructions to generate are; it may be that you need to go 
> via memory, which would be unfortunate.

LLVM can be a useful tool for working out proper instruction generation.
You may find this LLVM snippet helpful (along with some simplified

$ cat hi.ll
define i32 @float_to_int(float %x) {
        %x1 = fadd float 1.0, %x;
        %y = bitcast float %x1 to i32;
        ret i32 %y;

define i64 @double_to_int(double %x) {
        %x1 = fadd double 0.1, %x;
        %y = bitcast double %x1 to i64;
        ret i64 %y;
$ llc hi.ll --march=x86 && cat hi.s
float_to_int:                           # @float_to_int
	fadds	8(%esp)
	fstps	(%esp)
	movl	(%esp), %eax
	popl	%edx

double_to_int:                          # @double_to_int
	fldl	16(%esp)
	faddl	.LCPI1_0
	fstpl	(%esp)
	movl	(%esp), %eax
	movl	4(%esp), %edx
	addl	$12, %esp

$ llc hi.ll --march=x86_64 && cat hi.s
float_to_int:                           # @float_to_int
	addss	.LCPI0_0(%rip), %xmm0
	movd	%xmm0, %eax

double_to_int:                          # @double_to_int
	addsd	.LCPI1_0(%rip), %xmm0
	movd	%xmm0, %rax
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