The GHC 8.0 feature freeze is coming

Ben Gamari ben at
Thu Dec 3 13:45:44 UTC 2015

Simon Peyton Jones <simonpj at> writes:

> |  HEAD is sadly currently broken for unrelated reasons which I am
> |  working on resolving at the moment.  I'll send a message to ghc-devs
> |  when I've pushed my fix.
> Does that mean I should not pull for now?  Which means I can't push either.
No, feel free to pull and push.

The problem is that Harbormaster builds are failing to validate due to
changes in haddock allocations leading to failures of testsuite stat
tests [1]. Sadly I'm unable to reproduce this locally but I just pushed
what I believe should be a fix.

Sadly now we need to work through the fall-out from George's patch.


- Ben

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