HEADS UP: Moving Phabricator to a new server soon

Austin Seipp austin at well-typed.com
Wed Dec 2 00:17:23 UTC 2015

Hello all,

As I said about a week or two ago[1], I still have plans to move the
Phabricator server. I'd like to do this tonight.

I plan on starting this around 10pm CST or so. This is late at night
in the US and quite early in the EU, so I'm hoping to avoid causing
problems for anyone.

I'll follow up with more emails in response to this one later tonight,
as things move forward.


[1] https://mail.haskell.org/pipermail/ghc-devs/2015-November/010519.html


Austin Seipp, Haskell Consultant
Well-Typed LLP, http://www.well-typed.com/

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