question about GHC API on GHC plugin

Ömer Sinan Ağacan omeragacan at
Tue Aug 25 01:59:40 UTC 2015

> Lets say I'm running the plugin on a function with signature `Floating a => a
> -> a`, then the plugin has access to the `Floating` dictionary for the type.
> But if I want to add two numbers together, I need the `Num` dictionary.  I
> know I should have access to `Num` since it's a superclass of `Floating`.
> How can I get access to these superclass dictionaries?

I don't have a working code for this but this should get you started:

    let ord_dictionary :: Id     = ...
        ord_class      :: Class  = ...
        mkApps (Var (head (classSCSels ord_class))) [Var ord_dictionary]

I don't know how to get Class for Ord. I do `head` here because in the case of
Ord we only have one superclass so `classSCSels` should have one Id. Then I
apply ord_dictionary to this selector and it should return dictionary for Eq.

I assumed you already have ord_dictionary, it should be passed to your function
already if you had `(Ord a) => ` in your function.

Now I realized you asked for getting Num from Floating. I think you should
follow a similar path except you need two applications, first to get Fractional
from Floating and second to get Num from Fractional:

    mkApps (Var (head (classSCSels fractional_class)))
           [mkApps (Var (head (classSCSels floating_class)))
                   [Var floating_dictionary]]

Return value should be a Num dictionary.

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