Two step allocator for 64-bit systems

Karel Gardas karel.gardas at
Mon Aug 24 14:43:06 UTC 2015

Dear Giovanni,

thanks to Erik for pointing this out, very similar issue of 1TB 
allocation on dll-split is also happening on amd64-solaris11. I can't 
say this is the same issue yet as I've not debug that fully yet -- will 
do as time permits, but at least you know something else similar 
suspicious also happens on yet another platform...


On 08/24/15 01:54 PM, Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:
> Dear Giovanni,
> Your commit:
>      commit 0d1a8d09f452977aadef7897aa12a8d41c7a4af0
>      Author: Giovanni Campagna <gcampagn at>
>      Date:   Fri Jul 17 11:55:49 2015 +0100
>      Two step allocator for 64-bit systems
> fails for me on Arm64 (also known as AArch64) Linux.
> I was wondering if you might be able to look at this ticket I've
> raised and hopefully shed some light on this issue:
> Cheers,
> Erik

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