Building on Windows

Michael Snoyman michael at
Fri Aug 21 06:26:40 UTC 2015

That worked, and got me much farther. If you don't mind one more newb
question, I'm now seeing the following. Any thoughts?

===--- building final phase
make -r --no-print-directory -f phase=final all
/usr/bin/install -c -m 755 utils/hp2ps/dist/build/tmp/hp2ps.exe
cp driver/ghc-usage.txt inplace/lib/ghc-usage.txt
cp driver/ghci-usage.txt inplace/lib/ghci-usage.txt
"inplace/bin/ghc-stage1.exe" -o driver/ghci/dist/build/tmp/ghci.exe -hisuf
hi -osuf  o -hcsuf hc -static  -H32m -O     -i -idriver/ghci/.
-idriver/ghci/dist/build -idriver/ghci/dist/build/autogen
-Idriver/ghci/dist/build -Idriver/ghci/dist/build/autogen
-no-user-package-db -rtsopts      -odir driver/ghci/dist/build -hidir
driver/ghci/dist/build -stubdir driver/ghci/dist/build    -static  -H32m
-O     -i -idriver/ghci/. -idriver/ghci/dist/build
-idriver/ghci/dist/build/autogen -Idriver/ghci/dist/build
-Idriver/ghci/dist/build/autogen         -no-user-package-db -rtsopts
-no-auto-link-packages -no-hs-main  driver/ghci/dist/build/ghci.o
driver/ghci/dist/build/../utils/getLocation.o  driver/ghci/ghci.res
Warning: -rtsopts and -with-rtsopts have no effect with -no-hs-main.
    Call hs_init_ghc() from your main() function to set these options.
gcc.exe: error: driverghcidistbuildghci.o: No such file or directory
gcc.exe: error: driverghcidistbuild..utilscwrapper.o: No such file or
gcc.exe: error: driverghcidistbuild..utilsgetLocation.o: No such file or
gcc.exe: error: driverghcighci.res: No such file or directory
gcc.exe: error: C:msys64-2tmpghc6528_0ghc_4.o: No such file or directory
gcc.exe: error: C:msys64-2tmpghc6528_0ghc_2.o: No such file or directory
driver/ghci/ recipe for target
'driver/ghci/dist/build/tmp/ghci.exe' failed
make[1]: *** [driver/ghci/dist/build/tmp/ghci.exe] Error 1
Makefile:71: recipe for target 'all' failed
make: *** [all] Error 2

On Fri, Aug 21, 2015 at 8:18 AM, Michael Snoyman <michael at>

> Awesome, thanks for the quick response Tamar. Cloning now.
> On Fri, Aug 21, 2015 at 8:16 AM, Tamar Christina <lonetiger at>
> wrote:
>> Hi Michael,
>> Those instructions are for the GHC head. For 7.10 and earlier this page
>> should have been updated but it seems it never was..
>> To get the tarballs on that version do
>> git clone git://
>> I will update the legacy page later.
>> Regards,
>> Tamar
>> ------------------------------
>> From: Michael Snoyman <michael at>
>> Sent: ‎8/‎21/‎2015 7:06
>> To: ghc-devs at
>> Subject: Building on Windows
>> I'm trying to test a patch I wrote for Windows builds[1]. I'm following
>> the preparation guide[2], but my configure step fails[3] with config.log
>> contents[4]. Note that I'm building on the ghc-7.10 branch, not master. Is
>> it possible that this would contribute to the unrecognized
>> --enable-tarballs-autodownload option, and/or the inability to compile C
>> files?
>> [1], handles long linker command
>> line arguments
>> [2]
>> [3]
>> [4]
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