Building on Windows

Tamar Christina lonetiger at
Fri Aug 21 05:16:58 UTC 2015

Hi Michael,

Those instructions are for the GHC head. For 7.10 and earlier this page
should have been updated but it seems it never was..

To get the tarballs on that version do
git clone git://

I will update the legacy page later.

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Subject: Building on Windows

I'm trying to test a patch I wrote for Windows builds[1]. I'm following the
preparation guide[2], but my configure step fails[3] with config.log
contents[4]. Note that I'm building on the ghc-7.10 branch, not master. Is
it possible that this would contribute to the unrecognized
--enable-tarballs-autodownload option, and/or the inability to compile C

[1], handles long linker command line
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