Master is not validating

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Thu Aug 6 10:22:49 UTC 2015

|  Indeed it appears that there is trouble on the `master` branch at the
|  moment. I'll be looking into this.

I find it difficult to interpret Phab results.  Eg
says both "failed" and "passed".

Also the build logs displayed eg here
are truncated so you can't see what the exact failure was.

But from the latter I'm guessing that the problem is:
- I added a new warning
- And I think validate uses -Wall and fails if any warning happens
  (which seems a bit brutal)

The warnings are, I think legitimate.  But I certainly don't want them to break the build. How to fix?
  * Remove -fwarn-all-missed-specialisations from -Wall.
  * Or add -fno-warn-all-missed-specialisations to validate

I don't have a strong opinion.  Can you do one or t'other?

-fwarn-all-missed-specialisations says that there are overloaded functions being called without being specialised.  That's quite interesting, and it's the kind of thing you'd like to see with "all warnings".  But it's also perfectly reasonable to say "that's fine, I don't care that overloaded functions are being called".

Are there any other warnings that -Wall does not include? That is, do we expect -Wall to mean "all" or just "nearly all"?

I have no strong opinion.  

Apologies for causing this fuss.


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|  Indeed it appears that there is trouble on the `master` branch at the
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|  The idea here looks reasonable, but what effect does this have on the
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|  seems like the names may grow substantially with this change. Could
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|  Also, I would really like to see some haddocks on the top-level
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