Trac is soul-extinguishingly slow

John Wiegley johnw at
Fri Apr 17 17:52:01 UTC 2015

>>>>> Richard Eisenberg <eir at> writes:

> If is getting slammed, is it possible to disconnect Trac
> from that name and instead just publish some IP address until we have things
> working better? (Apologies if that sentence doesn't make any sense at all.
> I've dealt very little with these sorts of issues.)

I'm wondering if, in the interim, we couldn't do two things:

 1. Make the public facing side of Trac read-only, by generating a static copy
    of the site nightly and exposing that via nginx. Bug data would be one day
    old at most, but it could still be searched, browsed, etc. Just not
    interacted with by non-GHC developers.

 2. Give the GHC developers an SSH login to the machine running Trac, so that,
    by way of a port forward and an edit to /etc/hosts, they could have
    secure, direct access to the bug tracker.

I realize this is sub-optimal in many ways, but it's relatively easy to setup
and would cure all current problems until a better solution is found.


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