It's that time again (for the HCAR)

Austin Seipp austin at
Mon Sep 15 12:26:30 UTC 2014

Hi *,

It is that time again where once every 6 months, we write our entry
for the Haskell Communities and Activities Report (HCAR), summarizing
what exactly we're all doing.

I say 'we' write this of course because I need everyone to write some
stuff on what they're doing. :) I'll editorialize it before sending it
in, but please feel free to add things.

I've drafted a very basic page, based on the last one:

I sort of selectively cherry-picked some things from the prior 7.10
updates. Again, please feel free to add things as you see fit.

I eagerly await your edits! Let's try to get this one done on time. :)


Austin Seipp, Haskell Consultant
Well-Typed LLP,

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