Understanding core2core optimisation pipeline

Jan Stolarek jan.stolarek at p.lodz.pl
Fri Oct 31 12:05:20 UTC 2014

Thank you for answers.

> As people respond on this thread, would you be willing to capture what you
> learn in a wiki page in the Commentary? 
I already created such a wiki page some time ago:


But, since there are things I don't yet understant, this page is still incomplete.

> Imported functions (eg foldr or build) have strictness and cardinality
> analysis info in their interface file signatures.  That can in turn drive
> the attachment of one-shot info to binders. See one_shots  = argsOneShots
> (idStrictness fun) n_val_args
>                  -- See Note [Use one-shot info]
> line 1345 of OccurAnal.
And if we don't import anything then we're assuming NoOneShotInfo, which means we don't float in 
past lambdas?


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