Problems compiling with llvm-3.5.0-2 on ARM

Jarl Gunnar Flaten jarl.flaten at
Thu Oct 30 07:11:58 UTC 2014


(cf. reddit thread

I am trying to compile a simple "hello world" program (test.hs). When
compiling I am notified:

> [1 of 1] Compiling Main             ( test.hs, test.o )
> You are using a new version of LLVM that hasn't been tested yet!
> We will try though...
> Linking test ...

But it seems to finish compiling fine, without further errors.
However, running the program (./test):

> test: schedule: re-entered unsafely.
>    Perhaps a 'foreign import unsafe' should be 'safe'?

Isn't working. I'm not familiar enough with neither LLVM nor Haskell
to troubleshoot from either of these; I don't even know if the
messages are even related.

Any ideas for solutions? Any commands or tests I can perform to give
you more information?


Jarl Gunnar T. Flaten
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