File Header Pragmas in Lexer

Alan & Kim Zimmerman alan.zimm at
Wed Oct 29 19:04:44 UTC 2014

As part of my ongoing efforts to round-trip source code, I have bumped into
an issue around file header pragmas, e.g.

    {-# LANGUAGE PatternSynonyms #-}
    {-# Language DeriveFoldable #-}
    {-# options_ghc -w #-}

In normal mode, when not called from headerInfo, the file header pragmas
are lexed enough to generate a warning about an invalid pragma if enabled,
and then lexed to completion and returned as an `ITblockComment` if
`Opt_KeepRawTokenStream` is enabled.

The relevant Alex rule is

    <0> {
      -- In the "0" mode we ignore these pragmas
      "{-#"  $whitechar* $pragmachar+ / { known_pragma fileHeaderPrags }
                         { nested_comment lexToken }

The problem is that the tokens returned are

    ITblockComment " PatternSynonyms #"
    ITblockComment " DeriveFoldable #"
    ITblockComment " -w #"

It is not possible to reproduce the original comment from these.

It looks like nested comment ignores what has been lexed so far

    nested_comment :: P (RealLocated Token) -> Action
    nested_comment cont span _str _len = do

So my question is, is there any way to make the returned comment include
the prefix part? Perhaps be a specific variation of nested_comment that
uses str and len.

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