Wiki: special namespace for proposals?

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Am Mittwoch, den 15.10.2014, 18:48 +0200 schrieb Jan Stolarek:
> Joachim >> yes, you are right that proposals and designs are different things. 
> > And we already have a namespace for that: Commentary!
> Good point.
> > So when a Proposal gets implemented, this should be clearly noted at the
> > top of the Proposal page, linking to the relevant Comentary page
> > (...)
> > The discussion about the Proposal would still be there for those who need to do some historical
> > digging
> I disagree about these statements. Wiki pages typically don't contain discussions between people - 
> trac tickets do. Unless you meant theoretical discussion of possible approaches to implementing a 
> proposal.

That’s what I meant. The kind of „discussion“ found in papers, not the
one found on this list :-)

>  In that case, from my experience, once a proposal is implemented most of the discussion 
> about alternatives becomes irrelevant.

I wouldn’t be too sure about this (but I also don’t have examples to
back that up right now).

Another difference: A proposal needs to convince that something is
useful and worth doing. Once we have a design page that’s no longer
needed, as we have to live with it (or replace it) :-)


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