Request: Phab Differentials should include road maps

Richard Eisenberg eir at
Tue Oct 14 13:33:55 UTC 2014

Hi devs,

I have what I hope is a simple request: that patch submissions contain a "road map" describing the patch. I'll illustrate via example: I just took a quick look at D323, about updating the design of Uniques. Although this patch was fairly straightforward, I would have been helped by a comment somewhere saying "All the important changes are in Unique.lhs. The rest of the changes are simply propagating the new UniqueDomain type." Then, I would just look at the one file and skim the rest very briefly. The reason I'm requesting this comment from the patch author is that my assumption above -- that all the action is in Unique.lhs -- might be quite wrong. Maybe there's a really important (perhaps one-line) change elsewhere that deserves attention. Or, maybe there's a function/type in Unique.lhs that the patch author is  very uncertain about and wants extra scrutiny. In any case, a few sentences at the top of the patch would help focus reviewers' time where the author thinks it is most needed.

What do we think? Is this a behavior we wish to adopt?


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