More flexible literate Haskell extensions (Trac #9789), summary on wiki

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Thu Nov 20 08:36:23 UTC 2014

Hi Merjin,

there is one possible problem with this approach. Currently, the
compiler never has to read the contents of the directory (or at least
that’s what I assume; is that correct?) but only has to probe the
existence of a fixed finite set of files.

With your extensions it will have to read the directory contents. In
most situations, that should be fine, but it might cause minor
inconveniences with very large directories, many search paths (-i flags)
and/or very weird file systems (compiling from a FUSE-mounted
HTTP-Server that does not support directory listing? Would work now...)

A fixed set of extensions (e.g. just "md" and "tex") would avoid this
problem, but goes against the spirit of the proposal.

This is not an objection against the proposal, just a minor point to be


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