Garbage collection

Mathieu Boespflug mboes at
Tue Nov 18 18:03:19 UTC 2014

On 18 November 2014 16:59, Simon Peyton Jones <simonpj at> wrote:
> Isn't it this simple: the Static Pointer Table must be a source of roots for the garbage collector.  Of course!  An item in the SPT may be looked up at any time.

As Facundo says, the existence of the SPT would solve everything. But
we haven't quite figured out how to create a simple SPT yet, so were
wondering whether there is an existing generic mechanism to register
new GC roots.

I guess there is no better solution but to just create an SPT, even if
we don't yet have TypeRep's to put in it.

With an SPT, and under the assumption of everyone sharing the same
binary in the distributed system, there will be no need to hold on to
*all* CAF's - just the ones that are known to have a StaticPointer
created for them at compile time.

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