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I was about to suggest the same thing. I also started my own list for
the last hackathon at
but something like
would be even nicer.

Of course there is the bike-shedding question of what the keyword should

“easy” is obvious, but I don’t like it a lot: These tickets are not
necessary easy, and we don’t want new contributors to think that we only
trust them to do easy stuff.

The quality that we are looking for is “tacklabe by a newcomer“, i.e.
not requiring too deep knowledge of GHC. Is there a nice word for that?
I found “accessible”, “welcoming”, “appealing” – anything that sounds
good in native English speaker’s ears? :-)

About filling the list: I suggest that if you see a new ticket on
ghc-tickets filed that you would recommend to a newcomer, simply set the
keyword. This has the side-effect that at least one developer get’s CCed
when a newcomer comes along and posts questions to the ticket.


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