Concrete syntax for pattern synonym type signatures

Dr. ERDI Gergo gergo at
Mon Nov 10 14:09:23 UTC 2014

Good news, I've made the necessary parser breakthrough and I've now got

     pattern P :: pretty much anything after this point

to parse as a pattern synonym type signature on a local sub-branch of my 
branch. So no more annoying 'pattern type' nonsense.

As for the 'pretty much anything' part, I have SPJ's original proposal 
implemented as a proof-of-concept:

     pattern C :: forall b c. (; Eq b, Num b) => b -> c -> X Maybe (Maybe b)

But I see that the popular opinion now seems to be moving to

     pattern C :: () => (Eq b, Num b) => b -> c -> X Maybe (Maybe b)

which should be even easier to implement now, so I hope to finish the 
branch in a couple days (it probably doesn't need more than an evening's 
work now).

Thanks go out to everyone who contributed in this little syntax 
bikeshedding exercise.



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