Removing -ddump-simpl-phases and -ddump-core-pipeline flags?

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Wed Nov 5 10:57:14 UTC 2014

I don't use either, so fine with me!

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| Subject: Removing -ddump-simpl-phases and -ddump-core-pipeline flags?
| As part of #9358 I'm considering removing these two flags:
| -ddump-simpl-phases: dumps simplifier statistics for phases of the
| simplifier but it works only
| when used together with -ddump-simpl-stats. User can limit which
| statistics are displayed by
| passing in either the simplifier phase number (0,1,2), phase name (final,
| main,
| post-worker-wrapper, Gentle) or both (separated with ":"). So for
| example -ddump-simpl-phases=0:main,1 dumps statistics for all pases
| labeled as phase 1 and only
| those pases of phase 0 that are named "main". Has anyone ever used that
| flag? Do we consider it
| useful?
| -ddump-core-pipeline: this seems like a partially implemented stub. The
| name is very misleading
| because it is related to plugins. The only thing that it seems to do at
| the moment is that
| when -ddump-to-file is set then -ddump-core-pipeline will result in
| dumping plugin passes to
| file.
| Janek

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