Resurrecting ticky code

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Tue Nov 4 09:52:23 UTC 2014

We don’t have "vectored returns" any more, so you can drop that one.

For "magic eight" there are some native-wordsize constants defined already.
E.g. see how PrelRules.wordSizeInBits is computed.

Thanks to Jan for helping


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|  Hi *,
|  Recently I started working on resurrecting ticky code[1] and got to
|  the point where I can compile and run bumpHistogram as well as
|  accompanying code in RTS.
|  Work in progress version can be found at [2], but there are few things
|  remaining to get it working:
|  * missing calls to tickyReturnNewCon, tickyUnboxedTupleReturn and
|    tickyVectoredReturn need to be added. Unfortunately I'm not familiar
|  with the
|    code enough to find the right place to insert them.
|  * magic eight needs to be replaced by a constant both Haskell and C
|  files.
|    Preprocessor macro seems to be the simplest choice here, however I
|  don't find
|    it the cleanest way to do it.
|  I would be very grateful if someone could take a look and point me
|  into the right direction.
|  Best,
|  Mateusz
|  1:
|  2:
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|  Mateusz Lenik
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