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Am Dienstag, den 04.11.2014, 08:44 +0000 schrieb Simon Peyton Jones:
> That's great; I didn't realise that.
> How can I navigate to the build log.  I went to 
> clicked on "Branch summary", found my branch, clicked on the link for
> "617" but it didn't show me the build log that you did.  (It did have
> a red button saying "617 failed".

We build everything twice, once with -DDEBUG and once without.
Therefore, at the bottom of the page you were looking at
there are two links named 617.1 and 617.2. These take you to the build
log, e.g.

But: Travis tries to prettify the logs using plenty of JavaScript, this
will easily bring your browser to its knees. So the trick is: After
following the link, and while the page is loading, in the top right
corner look for the square with the three horizontal lines. This link
takes to to a text-only view of the logs, e.g.

(The latter is mentioned on, but maybe not very
visible. I could add a paragraph describing the steps to reach the

By the way, you can usually find your branch on the Build History
( directly, if it has been built
recently. The column „Commit“ mentions the branch its on.


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