Major commit to the constraint solver

Edward Z. Yang ezyang at
Mon Nov 3 21:23:29 UTC 2014

Excerpts from Simon Peyton Jones's message of 2014-11-03 09:28:49 -0800:
> *         I get an odd wibble in safePk01, see this thread<> with Edward

Hello Simon,

Here's what you should do for the safePkg01 wibble:

    1. Apply the attached patch to your tree (this will
       break the tests temporarily.)

    2. Accept the new output for safePkg01 which no longer has
       the package keys in it.

    3. Remove the noramliseArrayPackageKey goop from all.T

I could do the changes myself but it's your branch so I don't want to
touch it unduly.

BTW, here is why your change removed the package keys: --show-iface
previously pretty-printed as if -dppr-debug was always on.  You touched
this code so that --show-iface only prints in debug style if you
actually asked for -dppr-debug; this changed the output of these tests.

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