7.8.1 plan

kyra kyrab at mail.ru
Tue Mar 25 06:01:56 UTC 2014

Will it include the latest commit to haddock? It solves this: 
http://trac.haskell.org/haddock/ticket/292. This can greatly improve 
performance of haddock in some situations (when a project is built with 
--split-obj flag).


On 3/25/2014 01:36, Austin Seipp wrote:
> Hello all,
> As I'm sure you're all aware, it's the final countdown. The (final)
> source distribution will be up within a few hours, and then we'll
> continue on from there. Yay! I will post an update when that is, so
> Gabor/Luke/Karel can make binaries from the sources as I do so.
> Second, there are just two things I want to note:
>    - For people following the Windows debacle in #8834, there has been
> a bug fixed, but one may still remain. The TL;DR of this is that we
> currently have a committed workaround in place we'll keep using, but
> Simon has made some good steps towards finding the bug.
>    - Lots of people, I'm sure, are wondering what's going on with Safe
> Haskell and the GND story. The TL;DR of this one is that "everything
> will be the same as in 7.6" - GND is considered an Unsafe feature, and
> Data.Coerce is behind Unsafe bars. From a safety point of view,
> nothing should change for library authors I cherry picked these
> changes into 7.8 last night.
> In the mean time, the 7.8 branch is effectively closed. If you have
> something to commit, and I *really* mean something, you can let me
> know. But your deadline is hours, not days! I'm doing a final review
> of all the trees before pushing the library tags, and after that I'll
> begin rolling the sdist.
> Anyway, the time is finally here, so let's get it over with!

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