ghc-7.8.1 RC2 ppc dyn linked executable segfaults

Peter Trommler ptrommler at
Sun Mar 23 12:42:20 UTC 2014

On 23.03.2014, at 11:44, Jens Petersen <petersen at> wrote:

> Speaking of ppc64: Do you see ticket #8849 too?
> I see: I don't have access to ppc hardware currently
Likewise, I get my results from the OBS service.
> but I can try to reproduce later.
> Does it show up in the testsuite results too?
> I can generate those easily with another rebuild.
Yes, in fact I noticed the error in test arith005 and extracted the small test case
for #8849.

In #8819 I reported test failures in an unregisterised compiler produced on
my x86_64 machine using an unregisterised ghc. Almost all arith tests including arith005
fail and I suspect it might be a data layout issue. I wonder if you can reproduce
#8819 on ppc64. #8849 makes me think yes.

I’ll see if I can fix my ppc64 build on OBS and report back.


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