Haddock strings in .hi files

Simon Marlow marlowsd at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 11:39:44 UTC 2014

On 18/03/2014 18:20, Mateusz Kowalczyk wrote:
> Hi all,
> I saw https://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/5467 pop up in my inbox
> and it reminded me of something I've been wondering for a while: why do
> we not store Haddock docstrings in the interface file?
> I think that if we did, we could do some great things:
> 1. Show docs in GHCi (I vaguely recall someone working on this ~1 year
> ago, does anyone have any info?)
> 2. Allow Haddock to work a lot faster: the big majority of time spent
> when creating documentation is actually spent by Haddock calling various
> GHC functions, such as type-checking the modules. Only a small amount of
> time is actually spent by Haddock on other tasks such as parsing or
> outputting the documentation. If we could simply get everything we need
> from the .hi files, we save ourselves a lot of time.

Don't you still have to run the renamer at least?  And in GHC, renaming 
is tied up with typechecking, so it's hard to do one without the other. 
  Furthermore, if there is a missing type signature it's useful to be 
able to put the inferred type in the documentation.  I think I'm missing 
the point somewhere - how does putting docs in the .hi file let you 
avoid typechecking?

I'm not really sure I see the benefit.  If Haddock provided a library 
that we can call from GHCi to get documentation, then we could show 
documentation in GHCi.

The current design is intended to separate Haddock from GHC as much as 
possible, but putting documentation in .hi files would be going in the 
opposite direction.  There would have to be a compelling reason to do 
that, something that we couldn't do another way.


> 3. Allow Haddock to create partial documentation: a complaint I
> sometimes hear is if anything at all in the project doesn't type check,
> we don't get any documentation at all. I think that it'd be viable to
> generate only the documentation for the modules/functions that do
> type-check and perhaps skip type signatures for everything else.
> Points 1. and 2. are of clear benefit. Point 3. is a simple afterthought
> and thinking about it some more, I think that maybe it'd be possible to
> do this with what we have right now: is type-checking separate parts of
> the module supported? Can we retrieve documentation for the parts that
> don't type-check?
> I am asking for input on what people think. I am not familiar at all
> with what goes into the .hi file (and I can't find anything concrete! Am
> I missing some wiki page?) at all and why. At the very least, 1. should
> be easy to implement.
> It was suggested that I submit a proposal for this as part of GSoC,
> namely implementing 1. and 2.. I admit that having much faster
> documentation builds would be amazing and Edward K. and Carter S. seem
> to think that this is very do-able in the 3 month period that GSoC runs
> over.
> While I say all this, I have already submitted my proposal on a
> different topic. I am considering writing this up and submitting this as
> well but I am looking for some insight into the problem first.
> If there are any students around still looking for ideas, please do
> speak up if you want to snatch this. If there are people that are eager
> to mentor something like this then I suppose they should speak up too.
> Thanks!

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