Where to find GHC.Types.D#_con_info

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Fri Mar 14 09:46:17 UTC 2014

For every data constructor GHC generates an "info table", and its label is "C_con_info" I think.  The first word of the data constructor heap object points to the info table.

The info table has data that describes the object layout (for the GC), and a little piece of code that says simply "return", used if someone enters that object.

More details about info tables in many GHC papers


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| Hello,
| I'm trying to debug few issues in SPARC NCG, now dealing with double
| floats issue. Always get 0.0 and while hunting this I've stepped over
| GHC.Types.D#_con_info which I'm not able to find in GHC sources but I
| guess it should be somewhere... Any idea where to look to see its code
| for reference?
| Thanks!
| Karel
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