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Wed Mar 12 15:09:18 UTC 2014

Clearly given that term-level holes are called TypeHoles, the extension to
enable these should be called KindHoles. =)

Er.. I'll show myself out.


On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 9:35 AM, Thomas Winant <thomas.winant at
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> Dear GHC developers,
> Together with Tom Schrijvers, Frank Piessens and Dominique Devriese, I
> have been working on a proposal for adding *Partial Type Signatures* to
> GHC. In a partial type signature, annotated types can be mixed with
> inferred types. A type signature is written like before, but can now
> contain wildcards, written as underscores. The types of these wildcards
> or unknown types will be inferred by the type checker, e.g.
>     foo :: _ -> Bool
>     foo x = not x
>     -- Inferred: Bool -> Boo
> The proposal also includes a form of generalisation which aligns with
> the existing generalisation that GHC does. We have written down a
> motivation (when and how might you use this) and details about the
> design and implementation on the following wiki page:
> We have a (work in progress) implementation [1] of the feature based on
> GHC. It currently implements most of what we propose, but there are some
> remaining important bugs mostly concerning the generalisation. We also
> described our design and presented a formalisation based on the
> OutsideIn(X) formalism in a paper [2] presented at PADL'14.
> What we are hoping to get from the people on this list is any of the
> below:
> * Read the design, play with the implementation and tell us any comments
>   you may have about the feature, its design and implementation.
> * Opinions on whether this feature might be acceptable in GHC upstream
>   at some point (if not, we do not think it's worth developing the
>   implementation much further).
> * Perhaps a code review or a discussion with someone more knowledgeable
>   about the internals of GHC's type checker about how we might fix the
>   remaining problems in our implementation (specifically, we could use
>   some help with implementing the generalisation of partial type
>   signatures).
> * Feedback on the `Questions and issues' section on the wiki page.
> Kind regards,
> Thomas Winant
> [1]:
> [2]:
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