Cabal for GHC 7.8

Herbert Valerio Riedel hvriedel at
Sat Jun 28 06:46:41 UTC 2014

On 2014-06-28 at 07:48:16 +0200, Manuel M T Chakravarty wrote:
> I noticed that the Cabal package doesn’t have a branch for ghc-7.8:
> Is that intended?

A ghc-7.8 branch is not really needed, as Cabal is registered as
submodule in ghc.git's ghc-7.8 branch. It's just sync-all that 

> Maybe as a result the instructions at 
> to check out a branch from the *GitHub mirror repos* doesn’t work
> either. 

For cloning via the GitHub-mirror[1] I'd recommend using the scheme as
described in [2]. That is, set up url-rewrites (that take also into
account the 'packages/foo' -> 'packages-foo' rewriting):

  git config --global url."git://".insteadOf git://
  git config --global url."git://".insteadOf git://

and then clone as if you would from git://

   git clone -b ghc-7.8 git:// ghc-7.8
   cd ghc-7.8
   ./sync-all get -b ghc-7.8

all network access will be redirected to instead.

 [1]: Btw, why do you want to use the github mirror instead of git://


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