Help needed: parsing pattern synonym contexts

Dr. ERDI Gergo gergo at
Tue Jun 24 12:11:59 UTC 2014


I'm working on adding type signatures to pattern synonyms. The syntax I'm 
after would look something like, e.g.:

pattern (Eq b) => P Int (Bool, b) (f [a]) :: (Show a) => Maybe [a]

My problem is with parsing the two contexts. I wrote the parser in the 
following way, which I felt natural (actions omitted for brevity)

pattern_synonym_sig :: { LSig RdrName }
         : 'pattern' patsyn_context patsyn_stuff '::' patsyn_context type

patsyn_stuff :: { Located (Located RdrName, HsPatSynDetails (LHsType 
RdrName)) }
         : constr_stuff

patsyn_context :: { LHsContext RdrName }
         : {- empty -}
         | forall context '=>'

However, this doesn't work, no matter if those contexts are present or 
not. If I remove both contexts from the rules, i.e. if I replace 
pattern_synonym_sig with

         : 'pattern' patsyn_stuff '::' type

then parsing succeeds when there are no contexts on either side. I've also 

         : 'pattern' patsyn_stuff '::' ctype

with the intention of recovering the required context from the ctype (and 
I could do similar tricks to get the provided context from the 
patsyn_stuff by using a modified version of constr_stuff); however, even 
that doesn't work as I expected it, i.e. with this latter version, this:

pattern Single a :: (Eq a) => [a]

fails with a parse error on "::".

Can someone help me out here please?


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