Phabricator for patches and code review

Jan Stolarek jan.stolarek at
Tue Jun 17 20:34:03 UTC 2014

> You can use it, and a few of us have already been doing so.  There isn't
> any Trac integration yet, but it works nicely for patch review.
Right. I was wondering about the inclusion of phabricator utilities in the GHC tree - I believe 
this was mentioned in the discussion.

> There's a short intro doc here:
> but it's not hard to figure out the basics, and you'll learn by watching
> how other people use it. 
No doubt, although I must say that it doesn't yet feel intuitive and some UI things could be done 

> If you go to the Herald tool you have yourself 
> automatically subscribed to diffs that touch areas of the code that
> you're interested in.
Is there a way to create a notification for a particular directory in the GHC source tree? I see I 
can create a notification for "Any changed filename contains ..." - if I give a part of path (say 
compiler/basicTypes) will I get notifications if anything in that directory changes?

> Pro tip: the keyboard shortcuts are really useful, especially "z".  Hit
> "?" to see all the shortcuts.
Duh, no C-x prefix ;-)


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