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Thu Jul 24 10:43:50 UTC 2014

I know that you have been working on


But what about the main "Repositories" page

which is linked directly from the LH Margin bar?  Is this page fully upd to date, including the "Full repository breakdown" table?  Presumably not... I'm pretty sure that you said that Repositories/Upstream is fully out of date and should be retired.
Also the Git/Submodules page also has a similar table, but with fewer columns.  But some of the columns in the Repositories page ("reqd to build", "installed") are still relevant.   Shouldn't there be just one master table with all this info?
Could you perhaps clear this up --- in the wiki, not by replying to me :)?  Thanks
There is also, which is useful, and I think is still up to date.  Indeed Edward and I have just updated it.   But it's not that easy to find.  It would be good if the Master Table (see above) had a column for each of the four properties of the boot packages that this page describes.
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