Call for help on testing integer-gmp2 on non-Linux archs

Herbert Valerio Riedel hvr at
Tue Jul 22 08:07:44 UTC 2014

Hello *,

As some of you may have already noticed, there's an attempt[1] in the
works to reimplement integer-gmp in such a way to avoid overriding GMP's
internal memory allocator functions, and thus make it possible to link
GHC/integer-gmp compiled programs with other components linked to libgmp
which break if GMP's memory allocation goes via GHC's GC.  I also hope
this will facilitate to ship GHC bindists for Windows with a dynamically
linked (& unpatched!) GMP library, to reduce LGPL licencing concerns for
resulting GHC compiled programs.

So far, I've only been able to test the code on Linux/i386 and
Linux/amd64 where it works correctly. Now it'd be interesting to know if
integer-gmp2 in its current form works also on non-Linux archs, and if
not, what's needed to make it work. Fwiw, I mostly suspect
linker-related issues.

Therefore, is anyone here interested to help out with making sure
GHC+integer-gmp2 builds on Windows, OSX and so on? If so, please get
into contact with me!



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