The haddock / clang problem revisited ... root cause found...

Mark Lentczner mark.lentczner at
Sun Jul 20 17:40:27 UTC 2014


   - cabal is the culprit
   - If you have the `Extensions: CPP` directive in your .cabal file, then
   when invoking haddock, cabal causes every file to be pre-processed twice in
   - pre-processing isn't idempotent
   - when done under clang, it outputs things that ghc.


Regarding the ellusive problem whereby haddock for some packages fails on
ghc-7.8.3 / haddock-2.14.2 systems with clang (as in OS X 10.9):

Bugs were filed for both haddock and cabal:

I've been trying to find a work-around before releasing the platform for OS
X. In sleuthing this I found the root cause: cabal.

Full details here: Root cause of haddock / clang failure

The correct fix is to change cabal's behavior: Either don't pre-process the
fils for Haddock, or don't pass --optghc=-XCPP

There is no good work around: We could add -optP-P to all compilations, but
that breaks line numbers for everything. We could wrap haddock to remove
the --optghc=-XCPP, but that will break hand invocations of haddock.

- Mark
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