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> Hi,
> I found these:
> They go only 0-14, so there's some long chains of branches and stuff in hot
> paths that could be cleaned up into single &-masked branches by changing
> these into a set of flags.
> And then I saw these:
> Where does 16 and 17 come from -- I couldn't find them in the header files
> anywhere?
> Kyle

Hi Kyle,

I had a look at these constants just recently.

About 16 and 17, see here:

About the others:The block reasons received two updates just recently.
Turns out that the eventlog (GHC's post-mortem tracing for threadscope 
et al.) expects these states to have particular values (those in 
includes/rts/Constants.h, consider them a fixed ABI for the time being).
See here for the story:

NB: Darn... base still uses GHC-7.8.2 constants. Thanks for the pointer!

About your proposal to use bit masks:

Did you find some of those hot paths?
I believe (believe, unchecked...) that there are not too many places 
where a complete switch over all possible reasons is done (apart from 
debug output maybe); the typical use is rather to compare to one single 
constant than to all. So the performance might not increase too much 
from optimisations. Again, just a hunch, not verified.

If the RTS contains code specialised to the current constants, these 
places need to be kept symbolic, to avoid future breakage when new 
states are added.

A fix which removes the tight implicit dependency of ghc-events from the 
constants in includes/rts/Constants.h is pending, btw.

/ Jost

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