GHC contribution guidelines and infrastructure talk on 6th September at HIW?

Rob Stewart robstewart57 at
Thu Jul 17 18:18:42 UTC 2014


On Saturday 6th September is the Haskell Implementers Workshop. There
has been plenty of discussion over the last 12 months about making
contributions to GHC less formidable. Is this story going to be told
at HIW? A talk about revised contribution guidelines and helpful tool
support might engage those sat on, or peering over, the fence.

This might  include:

* Phabricator code review demonstration.
* Continuous integration infrastructure.
* Trac demonstration, e.g. how to contribute to design discussions.
* Wiki navigation, and important new pages born in recent months.
* GHC coding guidelines, e.g. using notes and haddock documentation.
* Git policies, e.g. use of submodules.
* What GHC needs.. Windows testers?
* Old contribution guidelines that no longer apply.

Is HIW on 6th September a good place to give a "GHC contributions and
infrastructure" talk?


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