Windows breakage -- again

Páli Gábor János pali.gabor at
Wed Jul 16 19:32:20 UTC 2014

2014-07-16 20:57 GMT+02:00 Niklas Larsson <metaniklas at>:
> I get the same failure when I try to build HEAD. Turns out the error occurs
> on the 32-bit Windows build, and my successful build was a 64-bit build. My
> 64-bit build still succeeds.

Perhaps you should specify -march=i586 for the C compiler?

I have tried Johan's test program (posted in this thread earlier) with
-march=i386 and it generates a function call for
__sync_fetch_and_add_1(). (No cmpxchg?)  In case of -march=i486,
__sync_fetch_and_add_8() is generated (this cpu type does have a
cmpxchg8b instruction).

I faced this error earlier because the FreeBSD/i386 builder has been
failing for a while [1] as it assumes -march=i486 by default.  With
-march=i586, everything builds just fine.  On GNU/Linux, it is not a
problem as it builds C code with -march=i686.


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