another Phab question: Local commits

Richard Eisenberg eir at
Wed Jul 16 16:20:41 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I wanted to make a comment in a Phab revision and refer to performance of a particular commit. So, I found the "Local commits" section of my page ( But, those SHA's ("Commit" and "Tree") seem not to be related to others. The correct SHA, as I can see it, is the bit after "rGHC" in the "Description" field of "Diff 2". That SHA corresponds to the SHA I have on my own machine.

What are the "Local commit" SHA's? Is there a way to refer to a particular commit in a Phab comment? And, while I'm at it, why do I have *2* Diffs here? I submitted only one git commit. One of the diffs (#2 a.k.a. #161 -- there seem to be two numbering schemes) is empty.

Many thanks!
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