Updating Haddock submodule

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Tue Jul 15 07:01:24 UTC 2014

Herbert, Austin
I've just made a change to GHC that has a (trivial) knock-on effect in Haddock, so I had to update the submodule.  Here is what I did, after consulting Austin.
Can I humbly implore you both (or someone) to write down the workflow so that git-naïve people like me can do this with confidence, rather than (as now) in fear?
Below is my draft of the workflow.  It seems pretty complicated, and there are three places (in red) where I am unsure what to do.
Please in writing the workflow, document every step as I have done below.

1.      Starting point:

·         all changes made in GHC and in utils/haddock.

·         validate works

2.      cd utils/haddock

3.      git stash
Keep my changes out of the way

4.      git branch -av
Keep the output

5.      git checkout master
Why 'master'?  Because I know from talking to Austin that the ghc repo tracks Haddock's master branch.  There is no way to get this information without talking to Someone Who Knows.  There should be a wiki page that documents it.

6.      Check that in the output of step 4, the current branch (which should be detatched-head) is the same commit as origin/master.

I have no idea what to do if this isn't the case.

7.      git pull
Now Haddock's 'master' is up to date

8.      git stash pop
Apply the changes to the Haddock master branch

9.      git add/commit to record and commit the patch as usual

10.  git push

Phew!  At this stage we have updated Haddock.  I think.

11.  cd ../..    Back into main ghc repo

12.  git add/commit    to record patch as usual, but

·         include utils/haddock in the "files" you add.  This will update the submodule pointer in the ghc repo

·         include the word "submodule" in the commit message

13.  git push

At this stage we have updated GHC too

14.  ????      to get utils/haddock back into the detached-head state.

How do I do this?  git submodule update doesn't

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