Travis now tests ghc directly

Joachim Breitner mail at
Sat Jul 12 17:04:50 UTC 2014


I just added a .travis.yml file to GHC master. This means that every
push will be validated automatic and for free by travis; you can check
the build status at

It is not a full validation. In particular,
 * it skips DPH
 * it does not build dynamic libraries and no dynamic executables
 * does not build haddock or generate documentation
 * only runs fast tests, and no performance tests

This way we stay under the 50 minuite limit.

Failures are reported to me, and I’ll manually report relevant breakage
to you. It is also configured to mail to ghc-builds at, but I
don’t see these messages there. Maybe some mailing list admin needs to
whitelist mails from Travis CI <notifications at>?

I’ve also added a link to it from,
including a nice icon showing the current build status.

If you have that .travis.yml file in your branch, travis will also test

My unofficial ghc-complete repository is therefore obsolete, I stopped
updating it.


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