GHCJS now runs Template Haskell on node.js - Any interest in out of process TH for general cross compilation?

CJ van den Berg cj at
Thu Jul 3 12:25:46 UTC 2014

Yes! This would definitely be of great interest to users of the
Android cross compilers. It should be quite feasible to drive a TH
runner process on a development device or emulator. Having genuine TH
support would be a huge improvement to the usefulness of GHC in a
cross compiling scenario.

I would love to start work on integrating TH runner support into

On 2014-07-02 18:14, Luite Stegeman wrote:
> Now since this approach is in no way specific to JavaScript, I was
> wondering if there's any interest in getting this functionality into GHC
> 7.10 for general cross compilation. The runner would be a native
> (target) program with dynamic libraries (or object files) being sent
> over to the target machine (or emulator) for the splices.

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