LLVM and dynamic linking

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Wed Jan 8 20:09:43 UTC 2014

Simon Marlow <marlowsd at gmail.com> writes:

> On 27/12/13 20:21, Ben Gamari wrote:
>> Simon Marlow <marlowsd at gmail.com> writes:
>>> This sounds right to me.  Did you submit a patch?
>>> Note that dynamic linking with LLVM is likely to produce significantly
>>> worse code that with the NCG right now, because the LLVM back end uses
>>> dynamic references even for symbols in the same package, whereas the NCG
>>> back-end uses direct static references for these.
>> Today with the help of Edward Yang I examined the code produced by the
>> LLVM backend in light of this statement. I was surprised to find that
>> LLVM's code appears to be no worse than the NCG with respect to
>> intra-package references.
>> My test case can be found here[2] and can be built with the included
>> `build.sh` script. The test consists of two modules build into a shared
>> library. One module, `LibTest`, exports a few simple members while the
>> other module (`LibTest2`) defines members that consume them. Care is
>> taken to ensure the members are not inlined.
>> The tests were done on x86_64 running LLVM 3.4 and GHC HEAD with the
>> patches[1] I referred to in my last message. Please let me know if I've
>> missed something.
> This is good news, however what worries me is that I still don't 
> understand *why* you got these results.  Where in the LLVM backend is 
> the magic that does something special for intra-package references?
As far as I can tell, the backend itself does nothing in particular to
handle this.

> I know where it is in the NCG backend - CLabel.labelDynamic - but I
> can't see this function used at all in the LLVM backend.
Right. For the record, I took a first stab at implementing[1]
the logic that I thought would needed to get LLVM to do
efficient dynamic linking before taking this measurement. I probably
should have reused more of the machinery used by the NCG however. I
don't believe I managed to get this code stable before dropping it when
I realized that LLVM already somehow did the right thing. 

> So what is the mechanism that lets LLVM optimise these calls?  Is it
> happening magically in the linker, perhaps?  But that would only be
> possible when using -Bsymbolic or -Bsymbolic-functions, which is a
> choice made at link time.
This seems like the most likely explanation but given we don't pass this
flag I really don't see why the linker would do this. More research is
necessary it seems.

> As far as I can tell, all we do is pass a flag to llc to tell it to 
> compile for dynamic/PIC, in DriverPipeline.runPhase.
Right. Very mysterious.


- Ben

[1] https://github.com/bgamari/ghc/tree/llvm-intra-package
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