What does the DWARF information generated by your GHC branch look like?

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Thu Feb 27 14:50:14 UTC 2014


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I enjoyed reading your paper [1] and I have some questions.

 * What does the generated DWARF information look like? For example, will
you fill in the .debug_line section so that standard tools like "perf
report" and gprof can be used on Haskell code? Code pointers would be

 * Does your GHC allow DWARF information to be generated without actually
using any of the RTS (e.g. eventlog) machinery? This would be very useful
if you want to use "report record/report" only, in order to achieve minimal
overhead when that matters. Another way to ask the same question, do you
have a ghc -g flag that has no implication for the runtime settings?

 * Do you generate DW_TAG_subprogram sections in the .debug_info section so
that other tools can figure out the name of Haskell functions?


1. "Causality of Optimized Haskell: What is burning our cycles?"
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